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MDDA Employment Outcome Information System

Bernie Zenis

“The Developmental Disabilities Administration has a robust data collection system that shows how we inform stakeholders and leaders of progress toward employment goals, and opportunities to improve system’s performance. This data has assisted us in making policy and budgetary decisions.”

- Bernie Simons
Deputy Secretary for Developmental Disabilities

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This website summarizes data collected at the individual level for people who receive employment or related day supports funded by the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration. Data on variables such as total wages or total hours of participation are for the two-week data collection interval.

Select from the menu at the left or using the links below to view data in three ways:

Summary Reports: Provides a summary for a selected reporting period across each major life activity included in the Employment Supports Performance Outcome Information System at the state, region, county, or provider levels. Reports are available for:

Provider Comparison Report: Provides a detailed report in table form summarizing the performance of providers at the state, region, or county levels. Reports are available for:

Provider Individual Report: Provides a detailed report in table form summarizing a single provider at the state or region level. Each report addresses number participating by activity, hours of participation by activity, and wages during a two-week reporting period.

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