State Employment Snapshot: District of Columbia

How many individuals participate in integrated employment services provided by the state intellectual and developmental disability agency?

Source: National Survey of State IDD Agency Day and Employment Services
Who: Individuals who receive a day or employment service funded or monitored by the state IDD agency.
What: Participation in integrated employment, including both individual job supports and group supported employment. Individuals may be working or be on a pathway to employment.

 District of Columbia 2015Nation 2015
Total in day and employment services1,642  610,188  
Total in integrated employment services16810%113,22619%
Total funding for day and employment services$28,934,276.00      
Total funding for integrated employment services$1,539,622.005.3%  *  * 

* = Data not available

How many people are working for pay in an integrated job?

Source: National Core Indicators Project Adult Consumer Survey
Who: Individuals who receive any service other than/in addition to case management from the state IDD agency. Inclusion criteria varies by state.
What: Individuals who are reported as working for pay in an integrated job.

 District of Columbia 2014/2015Nation 2014/2015
 PercentMean wages earned in 2 weeksMean hours worked in 2 weeksPercentMean wages earned in 2 weeksMean hours worked in 2 weeks
In an integrated job
individual supported job + group supported employment + competitive job
In an individual job
individual job without or with publicly funded supports
     In an individual job without
     publicly funded supports
0% *  * 4%$269.7830.5
     In an individual job with
     publicly funded supports
In a group supported job1% *  * 4%$177.9730.9
Employment support unknown8% *  * 3% *  * 

* = Data not available

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